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Looking into the future the Company aims to:
1. As a result of privatising Zakłady Mechaniczne Budownictwa ZREMB Tychy, the field branch in Wojkowice was isolated and privatised and on the 1st of August 1996 ZREMB Wojkowice Spółka z o.o. was established.
ZREMB begun production of airport equipment in 1996 and continues to this day. The airport equipment is widely used across many Polish and foreign airports as well as at specialised National Defence Ministry Military Units.
Looking into the future the Company aims to:
         1. obtain further welding permissions,
         2.Restructuring of the company profile from a services and production to production.
It is our ambition to continuously improve the quality of our production and satisfy the growing needs of our customers.
In aspiring to become the leader in handling equipment production, ZREMB participates in numerous trade fairs:


2002 r.

Trade Fair in Kielce

2003 r.

Trade Fairs in Gdańsk, Kielce and Munich

Economic Mission for US aviation industry companies in Warsaw

2004 r.

Trade Fair in Gdańsk

2005 r.

Economic Mission of Polish Companies in Lithuania

2007 r.

Trade Fairs in Kielce, Moscow and Munich

2008 r.

Trade Fair in Kielce

2009 r.

Trade Fair in Munich

2011 r.

Trade Fair in Munich

Project and realization: PR Management


ZREMB Wojkowice Sp. z o.o.
42-580 Wojkowice
ul. Fabryczna 1
tel/fax: +48 32 267 80 34