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Quality Policy

As a result of privatising Zakłady Mechaniczne Budownictwa ?ZREMB? Tychy, the field branch in Wojkowice was isolated and privatised and on the 1st of August 1996 ?ZREMB? Wojkowice Spółka z o.o. was established. Company shares are in the hands of private individuals. The company?s activities focus on production of airport equipment and welded structures.
Having in mind, that customer satisfaction is the fundamental condition to achieve effective growth of our company, we have decided that getting to know our Customers? needs and requirements is a priority, Active involvement of all our staff as well as top management makes it possible to build quality throughout all the stages, right from the outset. We aim for the quality and functionality of our products to exceed those offered by our competitors. Activities of management and staff members are geared towards solving production issues as a team. When it comes to our suppliers we endeavour to cooperate in order to clear up ambiguities and strive to make our needs understood. To achieve the goals mentioned above, the entire operation of the Company is geared to comply with the Quality Management System based on PL - EN ISO 900 1:2001 standard. The following attest to ZREMB Wojkowice Sp z o.o.?s experience and qualifications:
 - Certificate of Classification to a 1st Group of Small Plants issued by The Polish Welding Centre of Excellence in Gliwice,
 -  EN ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Assurance Certificate
 -  NATO Commercial and Government Entity (NCAGE) Certificate.
Our activities aim to establish a recognisable image and brand name for our company, identified with high quality and functionality of our products and for ZREMB Wojkowice Sp. z o.o.'s logo to become a symbol of reliability and trust.



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ZREMB Wojkowice Sp. z o.o.
42-580 Wojkowice
ul. Fabryczna 1
tel/fax: +48 32 267 80 34