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Luggage trolleys


Luggage trolleys are sued for transporting passenger luggage, valuable cargo, cargo as well as other loads. Trolley load bearing capacity is around 1500 kg. The trolley structures are galvanized and spray painted. In accordance to the customers’ requirements, luggage trolleys may be equipped with:
1. waterproof and anti-skid chipboard floor
2. steel or aluminium riffled [plate floor
3. Cargo loading space polycarbonate cover
4. articulated tarpaulins securing loading areas
5. Pneumatic or rubber wheels
6. automatic or manual coupling

LSP 1 (2430 - 5750 mm) passenger stairs

The stairs are intended for use with the following aircraft:  - AVRO: RJ70, RJ85, RJ100  - BOEING: B737, B200, B300, B400, B500, B600, B700, B800  - DC: 9, 15, 32, 41, 51  - MD: 80, 81, 83  - TU: 134A

LSP 4 passenger stairs

Stairs to handle passenger aircraft DASH - Q400

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