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On-going cooperation with airports, handling companies and other sectors of the industry helps us to continually improve our products and adjust them to our customers’ requirements. Working together with the aviation industry representatives we are able to develop airport equipment production in the right direction.

Environmental trolley

An environmental trolley neutralises and removes small fuel and petrochemicals leakage stains. The trolley is equipped with the following:  - power generator,  - industrial vacuum  - pressure washer  - storage space for sorption and neutralising agents, protective equipment, sorption mats,  - non-sparking tools for removing stains ,  -...

Mobile lift

The mobile lift can be used for loading and unloading goods of up to 8000 kg. The lift’s reach is from 200 to 1700 mm. The lift may also be used to negate height differences between a HGV and ramp / loading bay.

A helicopter landing, take-off and transport trailer suitable for landing skids

The trailer is intended for landing, take-off and transport of helicopters of up to 5500 kg which use landing skids with a span of up to 3000 mm. The frame is produced form steel elements, whereas the loading floor is made from wood or waterproof non-slip woodchip. The whole structure is protected from the elements by galvanising and/or paint and the wooden sections are impregnated....

Hangar partitioning wall

We installed an 8 meter high and 40 m wide suspended, movable partitioning wall made of non-flammable tarpaulin for Wizz Air at an airport hangar in Katowice’s GTL S.A.  This allowed for a separation of the service section from the rest of the hangar.

Modified hangar door

The door adjusts itself to the hull of the aircraft due to an air inflatable fender.

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