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The primary goal of the Company is to satisfy the requirements of customers and gaining their trust. We offer comprehensive services associated with manufacture of steel construction elements using technologies such as:
 - MIG/MAG and TIG welding,
 - cold forming of metal sheeting (bending) up to a length of 3 m and thickness of 12 mm,
 - metal sheeting cutting up to a length of 3 m and thickness of 16 mm,
 - cleaning of metal surfaces  using shot blasting in a blasting chamber,
 - anti-corrosion protection by coating using hydrodynamic coating methods,
 - computer aided design
 - CNC digitally controlled thermal oxygen cutting

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ZREMB Wojkowice Sp. z o.o.
42-580 Wojkowice
ul. Fabryczna 1
tel/fax: +48 32 267 80 34